Ventilation accessories are used to install devices and ventilating installations. The products are made of various materials and in various sizes. The company adapts them to individual needs of our clients. Accessories cover the wide range of elements that are helpful during the installation of the ventilating system. Some examples of accessories are: sealing tape, speed controllers etc.

  1. Temperature controller

    ERO-300 temperature controller


    ERO-300 controls the temperature of the inflown air and the air in a room, in which the control panel is installed. Depending on these two values, the controller regulates rotations of a motor in a way that heats the air in rooms to the amount set by a user. Furthermore, ERO-300 protects a fan against a damage by turning on a motor when the temperature exceeds 145 °C. It is signalized by a sound signal as an alarm (regardless of whether a fan is on or off). In the mode of operation, the 'temperature controller' enables the stabilization of temperature in a room in the scope of 10% to 100% maximum KOM fan's rotations. In the mode of work, the temperature controller enables the stabilization of temperature in a room in the scope of 8°C to 30°C by the smooth regulation of the warm air inflow.

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  2. FK Air filter remove dust and other particles from air in-duct

    FK - Air filter

    Starting at: €28.84

    Filter casing allows self-exchange of non-woven fabric filtering.


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  3. duct clip  Strong metal band  Worm-drive clip  Fastens Flexi-ducting

    OZ duct clip - 50 pcs

    Starting at: €39.00

    Dospel's duct clip finds its usage in connecting and securing ducts in your ventilation system.

    WHOLESALE - 50 pieces per order !!

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  4. Duct finishing rosette

    RKO duct finishing rosette

    Starting at: €44.56

    Duct finishing rosette.

    WHOLESALE - 10 pieces per order !!

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  5. Duct sealing tape repairing ducting taping joints seams

    Duct tape

    Starting at: €15.25

    Sealing aluminium duct tapes used for repair, assembly and sealing of ventilation. Choose between high temperature resistant TAT 50/10, reinforced aluminium TAZ 50/50 or universal TU 50/50 or TA 50/50.

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  6. PZN Butterfly damper

    PZN Butterfly damper

    Starting at: €10.43

    PZN - Ventilation Butterfly Damper is the perfect way to regulate and adjust air flow in ventilation system.

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  7. Ventilation Air inlets outlets grill

    Air inlets/air outlets

    Starting at: €6.04

    Round air inlets and outlets dedicated for ventilation system.

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  8. RN/RP-300 Speed controller

    RN/RP-300 Speed controller

    Starting at: €21.55

    The electronic rotational speed controller of single phasemotors is designed to turn on and regulate the rotation speed of single phase motors. It is series-connected in a circuit as a standard switch. It is equipped with just one knob being both a switch and a controller. The whole is mounted in an aesthetic casing made of ABS designed to be surface-mounted RN or flush-mounted RP.

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  9. AC-2800 Controller

    AC-2800 Controller


    AC- 2800 controller which enables to set up 7-days weekly program. Equipped with a backlit display, timer on/off and electronic thermometer.

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  10. KOM-F Air filter remove dust and other particles from air in-duct

    KOM-F Air filter

    Starting at: €33.12

    The filter for the system of firepace heating of rooms using with a KOM fan. It protects the ventilation system against impurities coming from the fireplace.


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