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  • duct axial fan ventilation in-line tube
  • duct axial fan ventilation in-line tube

POLO 1 & 2 duct axial fan


The POLO 1 and POLO 2 are designed to move low to medium air flows short distances. They are installed outside the duct and have fastening points to fix the fan and the adjoining ductwork by screws. The POLO fan is connected to circular ventilation ducts with dimensions either side of the POLO fan at 104 and 100 mm or 125 and 129 mm to enable connectivity with the duct system. The dimensions of the POLO duct fans (100/104 and 125/129) enable connectivity with ventilation grills, ducting and flex's as integral parts of ducting systems.

Duct Fan Instruction

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Product Name Price Qty
POLO 1 Ø100/104 N - intake mode
POLO 1 Ø100/104 W - exhaust mode
POLO 2 Ø125/129 W - exhaust mode