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  • In-line Electric Duct Heater Round

SZERDI 3E duct heater


Szerdi heaters are designed to warm up the air flown into rooms. They are installed directly in round ventilation ducts, produced in the following sizes: Ø100/ Ø315 and of power from 0,3/ 12kW. They are used in residential buildings, public utility buildings, and industrial buildings in order to increase the ventilation air temperature to its required value. They are also used in the chimney heating system CIEPLIK of DOSPEL to heat the air, when the fireplace does not light. In standard, heaters possess two levels of thermal protection against overheating. The first one, that can be automatically reset disconnects the power supply of the heater in the temperature of 70 ºC. The second level, that is reset manually, disconnects the electrical circuit after 80ºC is exceeded.

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SZERDI 3E 150/3000
SZERDI 3E 150/4500
SZERDI 3E 160/3000
SZERDI 3E 160/4500
SZERDI 3E 200/3000
SZERDI 3E 250/4500
SZERDI 3E 250/6000
SZERDI 3E 250/9000
SZERDI 3E 315/7500
SZERDI 3E 315/12000