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Magnat access door - 10 pcs


Access Doors with which enable an easy access to places where elements requiring frequent or temporary inspection are located (e.g. water valves, water meters, or gas meters) also in very humid rooms such as cellars. Available also in stainless version (N).

WHOLESALE - 10 pieces per order !!

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Product Name Price Qty
Magnat 150x200 /white
Magnat 200x200 /white
Magnat 200x200 /stainless steel
Magnat 200x250 /white
Magnat 200x250 /stainless steel
Magnat 200x300 /white
Magnat 200x300 /stainless steel
Magnat 250x300 /white
Magnat 250x300 /stainless steel
Magnat 300x300 /white
Magnat 300x300 /stainless steel
Magnat 400x400 /white
Magnat 400x400 /stainless steel
Magnat 500x500 /white
Magnat 500x500 /stainless steel
Magnat 600x600 /white
Magnat 600x600 /stainless steel