Dospel provides a comprehensive solution in the field of ventilation. It consists of flat and rounded ventilation ducts and all kinds of accessories for their installation, such as: elbow bends, connectors, T-pieces, etc. The system is used for the effective discharge and intake of the ventilation air. It is designed especially for installation in residential and office buildings. Parts of the system are lightweight and easy to assemble and thermal endurance of elements is 40°C. Dospel System ducts and fittings are non-flammable. The basic elements of the system are rounded and flat ducts.

  1. TERMOFLEKS ventilation duct 250°C

    TERMOFLEKS ventilation duct 150°C

    Starting at: €15.97

    By means of ventilation ducts with thermal insulation, fresh air can be delivered and the used one removed. Ventilation ducts are most often made of flexible, thin-walled metal pipes, or elastic synthetic substance. They are used to soundproof the noise and to protect the air against getting cold.

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