Dospel offers wide range of fans. Specify your needs and choose between domestic fans designed to raise your living comfort or industrial fans, which will have huge impact in supporting most of any production facility.

  1. centrifugal duct fan inline Industrial

    WK centrifugal duct fan

    Starting at: €87.84

    It is used to transmit and strengthen the air flow inside a network of ventilation ducts. The WK inline fan is equipped with ball bearing and a visible propeller with a protective grate. The installations can be mounted horizontally and vertically.

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  2. Undertile fan

    Rimera Magic Ø100 - Undertile fan


    Undertile fan.

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  3. TURBOSILENT duct axial fan

    TURBOSILENT duct axial fan

    Starting at: €122.80

    Turbosilent duct fans are available in versions with two-speed motor. They can work in high or low gear, depending on what efficiency is required. The advantages of Turbosilent fans include a low noise level, high efficiency and small dimensions.

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  4. centrifugal roof fan exhaust

    WD II centrifugal roof fan

    Starting at: €104.20

    This is a new version of the WD fan with an improved construction, this has increased the WD's fan efficiency. It is used to increase the draught in ventilation systems. The WD II fan comes complete with a mounting base and fasteners for horizontal surfaces. The fan is equipped with a motor with ball bearing and a cover. This provides protection from adverse weather conditions.

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  5. POLO 6 Ø150 domestic axial fan

    POLO 6 Ø150 domestic axial fan

    Starting at: €24.38

    Automatic Shutters are available as an option with this product. These close to prevent the reverse air flow into a room when the fan is switched off. With a great choise of additional functions even the most demanding of customers can select the appropriate range of fan for their needs.

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  6. axial fan domestic wall bathrooms

    NV domestic axial fan

    Starting at: €13.92

    NV fan is an example on how Dospel's products are universal. Because of the ball bearing motor construction, which reduces noise and extends it's working life, NV fan can be installed vertically and horizontally.


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  7. axial fan domestic wall bathrooms

    STYL II Ø150 domestic axial fan

    Starting at: €9.79

    This is an early product line and has proven to be very popular. STYL II fans have a modern design, are user friendly and every model is equipped with a fly screen.

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  8.  domestic axial fan window

    POLO 6 OK WP Ø150 domestic axial fan


    These are for installation in windows and are on alternative to extraction through walls. They are equipped with gravitational shutters that prevent reverse air flow and odours.

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  9. EURO 0D Ø150 centrifugal roof fan

    EURO 0D Ø150 centrifugal roof fan


    The EURO 0D roof top fan provides an updraft for ventilation systems. The fan motor is equipped with ball bearings, the casing is ABS plastic providing protection from adverse weather conditions.

    Roof Fan

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  10. centrifugal chimney fan fireplace round air ducts

    KOM III by-pass centrifugal chimney fan

    Starting at: €205.56

    KOM warm air distributor is a part of the fireplace heating system. It can transport warm air of up to 150°C to the heated rooms. High pumping pressure balances the pressure drop in the installation ducts, allowing distribution of warm air to several rooms at the same time. KOM fans do not require frequent and detailed inspections*. They are adapted to continuous work, in the temperatures from -20°C to +150°C. Smoothly adjustable KOM fan activation threshold temperature enables temperature in the rooms to meet the user's individual requirements. KOM's have a possibility of cooperation with a circuit, allowing change of the fan rotation speed.

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