Ventilation Finish Assortment

Dospel Comfort offers a rich assortment of ventilating finishings that enable the creation of the efficient air exchange system and are the decorative and aesthetic finish of ventilation systems.

  1. exhaust grille with gravitation shutter flaps Fan Wall Gravity Grill Ventilation Ducting Flaps Outlet Cover Air Vent

    RKZ exhaust grille with gravitation shutter - 10 pcs

    Starting at: €183.91

    KRZ is used in circular ventilation ducts. The gravity shutters (grill) is fixed at the exhaust point of the ventilation duct. Preventing back drafts and unpleasant external odours. It protects against precipitation whether the gravity shutters are open or closed. It is installed in a vertical position and the shutters should be directed downwards. At diameter's 100/125 mm the use of a rectangular duct adapter is possible allowing flat ducting to be connected

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  2. Cowled Wall Vent Rectangular Wind Cowl Hood Outlet white

    KRD ventilation grille with dumper - 10 pcs

    Starting at: €33.50

    This cowled wall outlet provides a downward direction of air to the outside of external walls.

    WHOLESALE - 10 pieces per order !!

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