Ventilation grilles are used to cover the supply and exhaust points for ventilation systems, reducing back pressure build up. These systems faciliate efficient air distribution and they also protect against precipitation when installed outside.

  1. Circle Metal Air Vent Grille Ventilation Cover Ceiling Wall Grilles

    D/AKO aluminium ventilation grille - 10 pcs

    Starting at: €63.00

    These circular air diffusers are fitted in the ceiling and terminate a ventilation system. They can be manually altered to increase of decrease air flow. Our range includes diffusers made of metal and covered with powder paint. They have a high thermal durability and they are used as finish elements for ducts in hot air distribution systems.

    WHOLESALE - 10 pieces per order !!

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  2. Adjustable Ducting Cover fan Air Vent Grille mechanic shutter

    IMPERIO ventilation grille with mechanic shutter - 20 pcs

    Starting at: €49.80

    Ventilation grille with an automatic shutter with safety net and duct clip.

    WHOLESALE - 20 pieces per order !!

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